|| Travel and Beauty || with Mesmerizing Mehnaz & Diary of a Makeupholic

At home, you are in your cozy cocoon. Your army of skincare products are all on your vanity and ready at your skin’s service. You have some for morning skincare routines and another set for nighttime. Your skin is in its right climate, getting pampered, boosted with timely nutrition and there you are- glowing.

But when you are on the go? What happens then? Your skin may no longer be  in its “happy place”.

Whether you are on a small getaway from the city or backpacking for days, traveling can take a bit of a toll on your skin. A city unknown, a weather to adjust to, an unfamiliar territory and running with the clock to explore the place or even just to get an hold of the “body clock” can be stressful. To look good or let’s just  say “picture-decent” just adds on to the stress level. Chapped lips, burnt nose and dull hair is a nightmare when all you want to do is look good in that favorite picturesque scene.

It is not any different for me either. Recently I was so sun-burnt and victim to a fury of breakouts that I skipped taking photos up close. It really affects the mood and, most importantly, breaks confidence. While I am nobody to be a guide for you in terms of skincare and beauty management, here are some of the basics that I am following.


Drink enough water/fruit juice

Without adequate water intake, skin appears dull. Those fine lines we hate and “asteroid sized” pores start showing more.  Hydrating your body with enough fluids is the perfect mantra to a supple glowing and always camera-ready skin.


Protect thy skin from ze sun

You don’t want to be sun tanned or burnt, trust me. Not only affect your complexion but also will greatly harm your skin in the longer run. Wrinkles, Scars, Spots- you name it.



Blot out that oil

This is for all my fellow oil tanks. A shiny nose and oil smeared face is not something you want to cherish later when you get home. Not only this will clog your pores, but also that oil on the skin will attract more dirt and welcome even greater skin nightmares.


Many of us oily skins assume that we don’t need a moisturizer. That is not true. You know I realized when my skin is least moisturized is when it produces more sebum. Also you really don’t want that overall dry and dull flaky skin. So moisturizer, yes please and always! Lock that hydration.

Eat healthy, eat enough

You are in a different place – indulge yourself in the food. There is so much to explore even in terms of food and cuisine! Please don’t skip meals as it reflects on your body and its strength. It is so easy to fall sick or for fatigue to take over if you are not fueling your body right.


Sleep well

A new place and a new time zone. Sleeping may be difficult and even hurried at times but try to catch naps and a sound-sleep at night(even if it is only a few hours). You will feel fresh when you are up and active too which is all you need for a great day ahead in this beautiful place you are checking out. If all that does not relate to you, just imagine those dark circles 😀


Take it easy

Stop stressing. Stress shows on your face! You are doing something that you love and, most importantly, living an amazing day in a place that you chose to explore. I know things don’t always work out as planned, but please relax. This is not an exam or interview. This is your day, my friend. Live it, without those panic attacks and worries.




While I only know the very basics when it comes to skincare and beauty, I am no expert in this. Two brilliant beauty gurus  have generously agreed to collab on this post to share what they do or use when they are on the go. I cannot thank you two enough,  Mehnaz from Mesmerizing Mehnaz and Surovi from Diary of a Makeupholic.

Here’s what they prefer and carry when they hit the road. 


Mesmerizing Mehnaz

Mehnaz Tabassum Khan is an aspiring architect and avid makeup lover. A skincare specialist by heart, she is one of the very few people who actually go to the lengths of research and studies to understand how a certain product may work on a certain type of skin.

Packing makeup/skincare for travel is always a hassle, especially for people who are skincare junkie like me. Can’t exactly take the whole squad with me while on tour, can I? Here, I have prepared a bare minimum list of stuff that you might need while on travel.

  • Sunscreen: Don’t even leave the home without it. Avoiding sunscreen will make you horribly sun tanned. Opt for sunscreens that have SPF 50 PA+++
    Blogger’s favorite: Thank You Farmer Sun Essence
  • BB Cream & Concealer: This is optional. If you want a little bit of coverage, then pack one in your bag. You might also want to keep a cushion foundation. Looks more natural than BB creams.
    Blogger’s favorite: Klairs Mochi Cushion and Klairs BB cream is my top pick for this category. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is also a good choice if you want full coverage.
  • Setting Powder: Any cheap and sturdily packaged setting powder that will keep the oiliness in check.
    Blogger’s favorite: Generally I keep Innisfree No Sebum Powder in my bag. But you can try a cheap compact like the Makeup Revolution as well.
  • Eye-shadow palette and Brushes: A mini eye-shadow palette that has neutral shadows with some of the basic brushes. Take one pencil brush, one blending brush and an all-over eyeshadow brush.
  • Lip Balms and Lip Liners: Keep a tinted lip balm in your bag. It will hydrate your lips as well. Also, take some liners along with you. Never know when you’ll need one.
    Blogger’s favorite: Nyx Butter Balm in Ladyfingers is my absolute favorite.
  • Perfume & Dry shampoo: This is a little bit tricky. if you are traveling on an airplane, keep them in your luggage.
    Blogger’s favorite: currently using the Co-Lab dry shampoos as they are translucent. But you can use Batiste ones as well. For perfume, get the travel perfumes of High-end brands from Shop-a-go. Easy to carry and only 450 ones per bottle.
  • Foaming Cleanser: Because you need a good cleanser to get rid of the dirt from our face.
    Blogger’s favorite: Chica Y Chico Hatching Foam cleanser
  • Face Mist: It will refresh your skin and will also work as a toner.
    Blogger’s favorite: Mario Badescu Facial spray mist is a good choice. Sometimes I use the Blithe Patting Splash Mask in Green tea as a mist as well.
  • Cleansing Wipes and Sheet Masks: After a tiring day, you won’t have enough energy to clean your face with the double cleansing. So use a wipe to clean out the face and later wash with a cleanser. Then put on a sheet mask and relax.
    Blogger’s favorite: so many options from Innisfree, Tony Moly to Thank You Farmer
  • Moisturizer Sample: This is the best time to try out those mini samples that you were keeping since forever. They will take less space than full-sized ones.
    Blogger’s favorite: Probiotics Sleeping cream
Mesmerizing Mehnaz’s perfect travel kit

Check out Mesmerizing Mehnaz is on:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/mesmerizingmehnazblog/?fref=ts
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mesmerizingmehnaz/
WordPress: http://mesmerizingmehnaz.com/

Diary of a Makeupholic

Surovi Islam is a makeup enthusiast who provides honest opinions and suggestions with beauty and skincare. She aims to avail beauty solutions for her readers keeping the budget in mind.

Skin care must haves

  • Sunscreen –  A definite must have while traveling or even for day to day.
    Blogger’s favorite:  Banana Boat Sport performance lotion sunscreen with spf 50+
  • Moisturizer  – Carry the one usually used in a mini travel container.
    Blogger’s favorite: Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief  in 15ml. It’s great for hydration and gives a cool and refreshing feeling afterwards.
  • Makeup remover– To guarantee great skin care this is a must have specially to ensure that our pores stay clean even after a day full of activity.
    Blogger’s favorite: Garnier Micellar cleansing water  in 125 ml.
  • Face Wash – If staying out for even more than a day face wash is definitely something we should carry with us.
    Blogger’s favorite: Neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser or The Body Shop tea tree skin clearing face wash
  • Vaseline – Helps out with dry skin, chapped lips and even can even be an alternative to makeup remover. It will be a life saver when you least expect it.
  • Hair serum – Hair has a way of changing with the weather and what may be perfectly healthy straight hair will become a fizzy mess when going to another place.
    Blogger’s favorite: Body Shop grape seed glossing serum

Makeup must haves

  • Bb cream -Imperfection won’t really work well with either meeting up new people or while taking those perfect travel selfie hence I feel like keeping a bb cream is the best bet as foundation’s might feel to heavy .
    Blogger’s favorite: LA girl pro bb cream
  • Concealer– Fatigue from a journey is definitely seen on your under eyes. A  great way to keep looking fresh during the whole trip is to use a concealer. Always get a shade lighter than your skin tone to get that perfect coverage.
    Blogger’s favorite: LA girl pro concealer
  • Setting powder– Makeup definitely has a tendency to slide off and this will help keep everything in place even if we decided to go hill climbing.
    Blogger’s favorite: Rimmel stay matte pressed powder in shade transparent
  • Eyebrow– Honestly a perfect set of brows are a necessity no matter what look you are going for.
    Blogger’s favorite: Elf eye brow kit
  • Mascara-Let’s face it just a pop of mascara literally makes our face change .We should definitely take a waterproof mascara with us.
    Blogger’s favorite: Maybelline New York Lash Discovery Mini-Brush Waterproof mascara
  • Eyeliner-Another quick way to transform looks is to do a cat eye. I find that the Rimmel scandal eyes waterproof kohl liner are the best as they come in a wide variety of colors for all shades and are water & sweat proof.
  • Blush/bronzer – Long road travels can leave a person looking pale and tired. This is where the blush /bronzer comes it. It will give a fresh healthy look to anyone’s skin.
    Blogger’s favorite: Compact Duos with both blush & bronzer
  • Eye shadow – It’s best to carry a small basic eye shadow palette instead of a huge one with tons of unusual eye shadow color. The lighter shades can also be used as a highlighter.
    Blogger’s favorite: Wet and Wild’s naked truth or Urban Decay’s Naked Basics 2.
  • Lipstick– carry just two shades and you are good to go. One would be a your lips but better shade and another a statement shade.
    Blogger’s favorite: Colorpop’s Bumble or Beeper; Mac’s Ruby woo or Diva

Check out Diary of a Makeupholic on

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/diaryofamakeupholic/?fref=ts
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diaryofamakeupholic/



My mom sometimes says looking your best boosts up your day- and I agree to it. I know many of you reading this may disagree and say “why on earth would looks matter when you are out exploring the world?!”. But you cannot deny the fact that you DO pack a new pair of jeans, or perhaps a good pair of shades or even that shirt someone complimented you on. See that is nothing wrong. We all have our own ways to determine, “judge” and perceive beauty. It is perfectly alright to to care about yourself or about how you look.

To me, being beautiful is all about what makes you feel you are in your best shape (to you it may be something different). And if I am out there doing what I love  most, I will most definitely want to look, feel and be the best of me. 



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