When I was a kid, the only place I would go away to was my grandparent’s. Be it for school breaks, summer holidays or even for no reason at all. The train journeys, playing downstairs in my Nanna’s courtyard, collecting leaves and pebbles, picnics on the rooftop are perhaps the best memories I have from my childhood.

As I grew up those trips away started decreasing and a more concrete life took over me. I still remember that restlessness I used to feel  from living in the city and I guess I am still carrying it with me. A restlessness to escape. With more time permissions, consents, complicated relationships and messed up situations took away more of my escapades. Yet I kept on trying.

Now in my late twenties, here I am trying to catch up on those incomplete trails. TabassumTrails is an attempt to document and share experiences of a hopeless dreamer, set out to explore this beautiful world and life as it comes.

“Travel as much as you can, while you can. This beautiful world may cease to exist someday…any day and so may you. So get out there, see it, explore it while it is still there”. This is what I have been telling myself and will keep on saying.